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Theracershub.com is an independent event registration service whose goal is to deliver simple, flexible, and effective online registration to event organizers and participants throughout the United States. While we provide these services for many types of events, our focus is on running races and triathlons, in which we have over 10 years' experience.

If you have any questions about Theracershub.com, please registration@theracershub.com.

Listing Registration with Theracershub.com

Online registration is free for event organizers (unless they choose to absorb the participants' costs). We add a fee to entry fees; we've made sure those numbers are listed throughout the registration process so nobody is surprised.

We send checks once each month: on the 30th for registrations through the 25th.

We can give you and members of your staff accounts to enter paper apps (including those that require credit card processing) into the online database. Then your offline entrants can confirm their entries at Theracershub.com. Plus you'll have substantial backups of those offline entries.

To have your event setup online, you simply follow the directions for setting up an event or send us a copy of your paper entry form (or the equivalent information: fees, dates, registration categories, questions to ask, waiver). We will create an online form for you, generally within 24 hours. Then you will receive a username and password which will allow you to view / email / download your registrants any time.

If you have questions, or an event to post, please email Registration@Theracershub.com